Tuesday, July 19, 2011

San Diego COMIC CON!!!

Who has two thumbs and is going to San Diego Comic Con tomorrow?

It's kind of a joke, see...based on that video...see? it's funny, right? ugh. That's all besides the point because-

My home-base will be at the Flight Booth (#2235), so PLEASE stop by if you're there. I'd love to meet any/all of you if you're at the con.

I'll be selling prints of some my work as well as helping to promote Flight, Volume 8! Please come buy things I neeed moneyyy for comicccssss...
But seriously, if you don't have monies I'd just generally like to meet you if you're around ^____^

Sorry I've gone a bit silent suddenly...I have more art and will have PLENTY more to say once I come back from the Con, but for the time being prepping for SDCC has eaten up my life.
I am so excited. I don't think I have ever been packed this far in advance for anything...watch me STILL forget my phone-charger. AUGH.

Hope to see you there!
Much love,