This is a new section I'm starting!
Since music really inspires my work a lot, and since I tend to consume it like most people consume coffee, I thought I'd keep a section updated where I share what I'm currently listening to with all of you!
 So to get things started, here's my latest repeat-1:

1. Fader by The Temper Trap

2. Pokemon Advanced Battle Theme Song (Nothing touches the original, but I propose this is the best runner up for most Pokemonest. I just bought White...can you tell?)

3. King of Anything - Sara Bareilles (Fun, right? listened on repeat 1 throughout the entirety of drawing Lizzie)

4. Complicated - The Laura Grill Band (A pretty great cover. Discovered these guys in a coffee shop in the middle of nowhere)

5. This Charming Man - The Smiths (Today, I can't get enough of the Smiths)

6. Suzy - Caravan Palace (These guys are a favorite new find. Great to drive to. Really great to drive through Montreal to.)

7. Much Too Much - James Hersey (A friend of mine from high-school...we were both in choir together. I've been repeat-1ing this for days now. This is just a snippet; you can get the whole thing on Itunes.)

8. Games - Sam Locascio (ANOTHER friend from high-school. I sponge-bathed this guy in Godspell. This track is incredible. I illustrated a cover for his Skate-Punk band back in high-school, and it's awesome to see how he's evolved musically.)

9. Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes (My buddy just turned me on to these guys- I love this track. It feels and sunny.)

10. Free Fallin' (Live Cover) - John Mayer (One of my most replayed songs at the moment. I an not always the biggest fan of John Mayer, but I do really dig this cover. The Tom Petty original is, of course, beyond classic.)

11. Young Glass - Hey Rosetta! (I was just turned on to these guys. This song is particularly beautiful...reminds me of Seattle.)

12. Sammy Davis Jr. - Movits! (Do you like swedes? Moustaches? Brass? That rap-type music that is so hip with the kids these days? This song. augh. this song.)

13. Schoolin' Life - Beyonce (Derp. I know. I can't shake the fact that the super 80's synth on this reminds me of Powerline from A Goofy Movie.)

14. This Is Why We Fight - The Decemberists (A gift from a friend. SUCH a good of many, but this one is this week's pick. The breaks on this. GUH.) (Also, that opening shot of the kid in the red coat is MINT.)

15. Lovers' Eyes - Mumford & Sons (They just don't seem to make bad songs! It's crazy. Live performance from their unannounced next album. Can't wait.)

16. Boy Lillikoi - Jonsi (The soundtrack to June 28th. Summer sun and Flight vol 8 is released...Jonsi is bliss)

17. Galaxies - Owl City (I know, I know, I know. It's...stupid happy. Derp.)

18. Long December - Counting Crows (Cold mornings, raw hearts)

19. American Boy - Afro-Blue (I love the Sing-Off. This is why)

20. Learn to Recycle - Phonat (Incredible to dance/drive to)

21. When Will I - Monte Montgomery (Overheard this in a little cafe in Seattle, and found it when I got back. Utterly worth the wait for the last minute of the song)

22. House of God, Forever - Jon Foreman (for the harder, less triumphant days. A gentle reminder)

23. Shooting Star - Owl City (for making you feel excited about what you're working on! REACH FOR YOUR DREAMS!)

24. None But Jesus - Hillsong (A reminder, in a big way- centers me back where I ought to be)

25. Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia (DANCE AND FEEL GOOD ABOUT STUFF)

26. I Love It - Hilltop Hoods (Australian Hip Hop at it's finest. This track has been on repeat one wherever I go for about two weeks now. I'm serious.)

27. Bleeding Out - The Lone Bellow (Their album is on Itunes, and comes out everywhere else tomorrow- these guys are awesome and this track is my favorite right now. Ignore dancing child.)

28. Sydney (I'll Come Running) - Brett Dennen (Wait for the sun to get afternoony. Drive. Play. Clap/Dance. Crash car. You're welcome.)

29. Closer - Tegan and Sara (Go fast, get feelings)

30. The House That Heaven Built - Japandroids (Manfeelings: have them- never look back. PUNCH THE AIR!)