Thursday, July 24, 2008

Last smudgy post from Vienna!

Two last smudgy color studies from a chilly, grey Vienna!
I don't even know why I like doing these so much or why I think they're worth posting...but you get to see em anyways, because I can't yet post the piece I'm working on :)
I'm flying back stateside tomorrow. I'll finally get to see Batman and Wall-E!

(I just watched Galaxy Quest again twice in rapid succession. It may be one of the greatest movies ever. It is at least 3 times funnier than you remember. I say 3, because I want you to have low expectations, so that when it succeeds them wildly you will pee your pants.)



Thursday, July 17, 2008

And still MORE smudgy little paintings...

I'm here in Vienna, preparing to say goodbye in the next week and head back to the states. In the meantime I'm working on some comissioned work that I'd REALLY like to post, but can't quite yet :/ You'll just have to wait and see the bulk of what I've been up to! But, in its stead I have here for you more mega-quick digital color studies. The first three are just free-form color ideas, while the final two were painted from my balcony in Vienna a few nights ago...I've always wanted to paint the night sky and dim lamps tucked into inky silhouttes, so I figured I'd bookmark the idea for later and do these little things to remind me of what it looks like. I'll see some of you soon (presuming anybody actually reads this blog *waves to imaginary people*)



Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Smudgy Little Paintings

So, I know I rushed in full of spit and vinegar and brazenly declared my possible intention to do a color-study per day and thereby hone my skillz in a productive though unintimidating fashion.
Well, I fell of the wagon and didn't really do ANY.
Until yesterday.
When I did five.
These are the four presentable ones, before tightened up and squeezed out a really shoddy one at the end...lesson: don't force it or get too ambitious. Keep it loose, and keep it simple. Baby steps. Widdle ones.
So that's the way this will go, then...on a 'whenever I feel like it' basis. I actually really like doing these and have periodic longing to just sit and do color-studies! And I know, my color needs work and I need to keep on it.
Anyways, these come from old dreams and visual memories (most of which apparently tend to take place in forests) except for the last one which is the roof opposite my bedroom window yesterday afternoon, which I intend to do more studies of at different times of day..."if I feel like it" :p



Monday, July 7, 2008

Lil 'Fonse and Mingo!

Edit: Bit of color added to Sirocco sketches! (look down)

Hey anyone out there! Just a few small doodles to keep you occupied:

So I was thinking about some flashback sequences I'd like to introduce into Alfonse and Domingo, to set up the background of the three kids and their families back in better days when they were thing led to another and I wound up doodling even younger versions of my AnD characters verging on the 'chibi'. :) I couldn't help it.
So that's why you're lookin' at lil 'Fonse and Mingo. I did it. I did something purposefully cute. was fun.

And of course I did a quick doodle of 'oldfonse' which I may or may not elaborate on later. I guess this is what happens when you develop your own get these...urges. :p

Anyways, I'm still in Vienna and relaxing. Finally getting used to the idea of not really doing significant 'real' work this summer, and in the meantime finding that I like to draw for fun! So here's some quick pen sketches of Wieners on the tram. I swear that one guy looked just like can't make up hairlines like this:

I've also been sketching and exploring my bad-guy options for here are a few early ideas for Black Caesar Sirocco, the most nefarious (demon) pirate to fly the open skies:

And last, but not least, the cooky old beggarwoman...another AnD character. Her role is...mysterious...
(which is another way of saying "I haven't decided yet")



Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In the Meantime

Well, another day, another possible steampunk-themed-gig, another "no".

It's all good, I'm not really too bummed out, but there's been a lot of "no" going around this summer :p This time I had to turn down the gig because of scheduling conflicts, so it's really no big deal...the upcoming year looks a little terrifying in it's enormity, so there's no chance I could take on anything so massive as this would have been.

But anyways, in applying for the most recent gig (which I don't think I ought to reveal anything about, sorry chappos!) I did a couple of character studies based off of a written prompt I was given. I put em all together in one day, so now everyone can see what comes out when you squeeze me: