Monday, July 7, 2008

Lil 'Fonse and Mingo!

Edit: Bit of color added to Sirocco sketches! (look down)

Hey anyone out there! Just a few small doodles to keep you occupied:

So I was thinking about some flashback sequences I'd like to introduce into Alfonse and Domingo, to set up the background of the three kids and their families back in better days when they were thing led to another and I wound up doodling even younger versions of my AnD characters verging on the 'chibi'. :) I couldn't help it.
So that's why you're lookin' at lil 'Fonse and Mingo. I did it. I did something purposefully cute. was fun.

And of course I did a quick doodle of 'oldfonse' which I may or may not elaborate on later. I guess this is what happens when you develop your own get these...urges. :p

Anyways, I'm still in Vienna and relaxing. Finally getting used to the idea of not really doing significant 'real' work this summer, and in the meantime finding that I like to draw for fun! So here's some quick pen sketches of Wieners on the tram. I swear that one guy looked just like can't make up hairlines like this:

I've also been sketching and exploring my bad-guy options for here are a few early ideas for Black Caesar Sirocco, the most nefarious (demon) pirate to fly the open skies:

And last, but not least, the cooky old beggarwoman...another AnD character. Her role is...mysterious...
(which is another way of saying "I haven't decided yet")



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poetsforpeanuts said...

I love how you draw the faces, so much character! :)