Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No DreamWorks Today

Thanks to everyone who wished me well on the DreamWorks interviews that were supposed to happen yesterday. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances on their part, they canceled their trip to RISD and there were a number of us who had rushed to put together portfolio packages to no avail. I've just sent off my cover letter, resume, and portfolio to DreamWorks since they did still ask to see our materials anwyays...it's possible that they'll be coming back next semester. Just thought I'd update y'all on the current circumstances. So I put together a Portfolio CD (I'd like to finesse the production more as the semester goes forward, but the above image is the little cover for that portfolio CD...kinda neat, I thought)
Anyways, to tell you the truth it's kind of a relief...it seems a bit early in the year to be rushing to apply for work. Albeit, DreamWorks is a long shot! So anyways, it's nice to have a little more time to mentally prepare to look towards the future.
Soon enough!

ALSO: I have enabled the "Followers" gadget on this blog...so if you visit regularly and read, click that little button that follows this blog and it will keep you updated when there are new posts. Neat, n'est pas?

Lastly: A friend of mine, Sindy Limin, just sent me her half of the art trade we agreed upon and I think it is, to recoin a streetsharks phrase, pretty "Jawsome". Here it is:

And you should definitely check out her work here.

More work soon,



Clever Blue said...

Wow man, really love the front cover of your Portfolio!
I have a friend that works at Dreamworks. He loves it. I'm sure your portfolio will take you there or somewhere just as respectable!!! Good luck!

Liz M said...

risd rides... risd risdes... riiiisd rides

Anonymous said...

Very nice cover, Nick. Lovely use of negative space. As the Chinese say, "Less is More"....well, I'm sure they say that in Chinese, not English! If I were the recipient art director - I sure would take a look inside :-) clem

baby sister said...

Nick, it really stinks that they didn't come. What a let down >:(

The cover of the portfolio,...is that the type of thing that all the art students are doing these days, or is this a uniquely Nick thing that only you did?

Anyway, I like it and being the biased Aunt that I am, they would be foolish not to hire the crap out of you!