Wednesday, December 10, 2008!

Hey everyone!

That's it, as of today: finals are over! I am done and officially one semester closer to graduating from RISD in the Spring! Weird.

Also: as of right now, is live!
My last final was Web Design and the result of it is out and about on the world wide web for all to see...that's right, I now have my own official website! I'm really excited...I dunno why it seems like a big deal, but the "dot com" helps to make it feel all neat and official (so does the favicon, which is so silly as to be preposterous, but it doesn't stop me geeking out about it).
Please go and check it out and drop me a comment. Definitely update your links and bookmarks if you have em and spread the word! :D If people are interested in having a banner to link me with, then let me know and I'll make a few.

It's very new and there are doubtless some bugs to work out, so let me know how it works for you. I'm pretty pleased with the design myself, but I'd really like to hear what everyone thinks!
A large portion of the credit is due to Peter Lefferts (programmer and co-designer of Selah, incidentally) for walking me through the trickiest bits and telling me when I was being stupid. By the end now I really actually feel like I kind of understand how to do it, which is neat...especially when I decide I want to redesign it/design a new page (webcomic, anyone?)

In other news: I'm going Home on Sunday. Which is an unspeakably relieving idea at the moment...I'm really looking forward to what my be my last Christmas in Austria. And I love Christmas so much that generally I'm just looking forward to the break. I fully intend to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol until the tape breaks and I have to buy a new copy.

I'll be working a bit over the break as well...I'm actually going to be doing a 6-ish page story for an upcoming comics Anthology called Seasons. More on that, I cannot say, but it ought to be pretty exciting. It's looking to be my first published comics work, so I'm going to be kicking my butt to get it looking nice :D

Otherwise, thanks for reading and if I don't post before the bless-ed day: Merry Christmas to all, and to all a




Rob Rey said...

Looks great!

-Everything worked great except your 6th sketch didn't load for me.

Artemisio said...

your portfolio site looks awesome :D and i love your stuff even more now, i don't know why but it always menages to make me feel good inside XD positive energy, you know? lol i'm sorry for my english :) anyway, keep the good work up, 'kay? \è_é/ and merry christmas to you too!

Annie S said...

Ooh, Christmas in Austria must be the most beautiful thing.

ely said...

the website is really cute! I love the design :)
and I can't wait for your first movie :D

jennifer ngai hom said...

dude- i just read your bio, it's hilarious.

baby sister said...

gonna look all over your new website. that's really cool and another great way to brag about my nephew!

btw, to have a dotcom, does it cost you anything?

A. Von

Christine Larsen said...

Your art is beautiful, but I don't know how good the light box effect looks with images that expand beyond the screen size. Maybe try a scroll bar light box?