Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weighing In

I loved it.

I loved it.

I am referring to Half Blood Prince. I enjoyed the crap out of it, and I had to throw my blogging hat in the ring, since I have one of these and I've had to withstand much Potterhating since last night from some disappointed coworkers.

Had a great night celebrating a Jackie's birthday, and went to the theater. I was so excited: and here's the real thing...I wasn't disappointed! It was one of the very few movies this summer that didn't totally bum me out!
More than that: I liked it best of all the Potter films so far. The performances just sky-rocketed in quality, as far as I'm concerned. No more than one spit-riddled "POTTER!" from Malfoy, even! And it didn't suck!
Other people are better critics and reviewers than I, so I will resist the temptation to break it down spoiler-style. I just had to air my opinion. See it? Love it? Please?


Much love,



Alexandra said...

I enjoyed the movie the most out of all of them so far. I had a few issues with some of the pacing and the weird decision to leave off a good chunk of the end of the book, but overall it kept me laughing and it was charming...I especially loved Lavender and Slughorn.

That was a great Autotune, but I still prefer #4 the best! =p

RAWLS said...

Yo Nic! I just took a look through your work... fantastic stuff my friend!

NTMcGarvey said...

chick who plays ginny = BLAND LOAD. otherwise good effort.

Michael Regina said...

Dude Half Blood Prince was my favorite Potter movie yet. Different from the book, but a great movie. I'm OK with that sort of thing.