Monday, January 25, 2010



Hello all!

S'been a little while and I am just about ready to see that Christmas post move down a slot.

I haven't had a thing to post in a long time (since all my recent work won't be seeing the light of day for...well...a while). But I did pick up a little freelance project along the way. And I gotta say: I'm swearing it off for the forseeable future. I don't think I am handling freelance very well alongside full-time employ. :( Still, I did have fun with this...between the tears. Oh, the tears.

The writing is all Rich Fogel (two-time-emmy-award-winner, and father of my good friend Andrew) and the pictures are mine. (I still need to update this with the credits in place).
It was my first time ever working with a script from someone's nice because it takes the edge off my perfectionism; I don't have to worry about writing it, and I'm in good hands.
And it's also one of my very rare excursions into the realm of speculative scientific fiction, which I hear is all the rage these days with the youngsters.

It stars my friend's favorite band, The Phenomenauts, in their comic-book debut. They've been trying to break out into fiction for a while and, seeing as they're a sci-fi-rockabilly band, the match seems to be a logical one. If you haven't heard of them, you should definitely check them out here.
A couple of other friends are contributing comics (all written by Rich Fogel) to the project, and it'll be pirched around a bit by the man himself. It would be neat if something actually worked out!

In other news, I've been really enjoying my job like crazy, and now I have a bunch more RISD kids employed all around me. We're all having a good time. It's a little like camp :)

Other than that, not much news...especially news I can talk about. Life is good, God is great.

Much love to you all and, hey, "Science and Honor!"


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Lori said...

Oh dear god, it's massive! haha~ I think this is super neat. I really enjoy your style and seeing you do something new is always a treat.