Saturday, March 17, 2012

Two Weeks.

Hi all-
I've been drawing again, and I thought I ought to upload a few doodles from the last two weeks, just to keep this thing going. I know you're used to me jabbering for pages and pages- sometimes I actually run out of words. Likely I'll have more later. For now- some sketches.

Some seasons are hard seasons.
God still makes all things beautiful. That might mean me too, time will tell.
More soon,



Rachael Olek said...

Hi. I've been a (silent) fan of yours for a long while now and you're artwork and posts have always been incredibly inspiring and motivating. Especially your thoughts on God, Art and Dragons. Nearly made me cry. :)

This post seems like you're very down and while I can't pretend to know you or whatever you're going through I hope that a little encouragement from a total stranger might brighten your day.

You're incredibly talented and from what I can tell an absolutely magnificent person. I hope whatever distress you seem to be going through passes quickly.

Seriously though, magnificent! God Bless.

susanna said...

beautiful, neek. I would love to see you artfully respond to isaiah 53; your mind would find sensational colors in it I am certain

Petra van Berkum said...

I feel you at that first drawing...