Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Robots and Cottages

Robots and lady-dudes! He must be watching anime!

Hi All!

I've been spending the last few weeks in the waiting room. It feels like everything is about to happen, for good or ill, but nothing is actually happening. I've started to step my work back up while I wait- taking on some new freelance and trying to keep myself sketching. 

I don't have much to report or say, but I thought I should show you all what I've been working on for the last few weeks/ least a peak at some of it. Above is some watercolor work I've done recently- I just finished rewatching the whole series of Escaflowne...which I remembered vaguely from my childhood- I had caught several episodes, but never got to see the story play out. It made a really big visual impression on me at the time. 
Watching it again was a real trip- I had forgotten how important giant robots were to me as a kid. Between that and Gundam Wing (and then every other Gundam anything I could get my hands on) I was a pretty big mecha fan. 
So suddenly I was seized by the strong desire to draw one (which is MEGA rare for me) and what watercolor does really well is force you to care less about the specifics...drawing something like that more gesturally was really freeing, and it made me think that some day, before I shuffle off these mortal coils, I'm going to have to write something for myself to draw with mecha in it :) For my 15 year old self.

Otherwise I've just been doing a commission here, an art-test there and trying to find work and keep floating while I wait to hear back. God is using this time to teach me patience and reliance on him...which I am learning...reluctantly. It is good to have friends- whether near or far- to encourage and challenge you. I've been reminded in this season of waiting and anticipation of how many blessings I already have to be thankful for.
If you're reading this, then you count as one of them :)

Anyways- below is a quick art test I recently threw together to prove to myself and others that I can, in fact, do what the kids are calling 'environments'. :p
It was a really fun exercise in technique (though the subject matter pretty generic...which is my fault for not thinking very hard). But I'm pleased with how it came out and I wanted to share it (and some stills of my process) with you guys so you can see how something like this happens. 
I still mean to upload a process video of some sort- but in the meantime, I hope this is of interest: 

This is the palette that happens every time I don't know what I'm doing :P

Not much more to report! When there is I will certainly let you know. I'll leave you with this dump of some highlights from my watercoloring over the last 2 months or so! 

Much love and may God bless you guys!



Adam Hunter Peck said...

Your "I don't know what I'm doing" palette is my "I WANT TO EAT THIS ARTWORK" palette.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for baring your soul on these pages! I find visiting here lifts my spirits and as someone who struggles with art, faith, and purpose I appreciate that very much :)

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