Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jellybots: Lizzie

As long as the ideas keep coming, I'm gonna keep riding this thing out...we'll see where it goes!
This is Lizzie :D
She's based off my friend, Lizzie (who, after I did one based on Jen, asked for her own :p) And I realize this has effectively opened the floodgates for anyone who wants a portrait (which wasn't my intention) but I'm trying not to design characters I don't actually believe in.

I've been jamming on plot development with my friend Peter, and at the same time I was considering..."what kind of character would I turn Lizzie into?" he spontaneously wrote me a draft of a script (yay!) that contained a character named Anne who was pretty much all the buck-toothed, awkward, befreckledness I had been dreaming of.
So here she is...in the current scheme of things she may even be the protagonist...a young girl who doesn't quite know who to be. She's kind of a lot of crazy energy all pent-up in a very self-conscious shell. (hence the little doodles: a) has obnoxious laugh, b) is embarrassed) The kind of girl who would decorate her suit with smiling stars, but get a little shy if you brought it up. Also, she likes llamas (not pictured).

Spring/Summer/Any-Sunshine-At-All couldn't come soon enough. I was thinking about pink lemonade all the while I was working on this...I think Jellybots in general is my way of pulling myself out of Winter and into Spring. Hope you all like it! It is, after all, for you!

Also: Cheers, Lizzie! Welcome to the lineup! Now don't ask me for anything ever again. ;)

God is love!


PS: I'm not sure anyone's noticed, but I've updated the blog with tabs! In particular, I've been updating the "Playlist" section with music that's really inspiring me. Which will also keep me from spamming it here :p But check over there for new songs every now and then! Hooray!


Morag said...

She's a cutie! Actually, the first thing that hit my mind was pink lemonade, too. With little jello stars in it.

This series of characters have had me thinking of jello a lot, really. I think this gal is your cutest design of these yet.

Keep arting!

Liz Mooney said...


Dan said...

It makes sense for her to be the main character. Readers can experience the new world through her eyes as she's inducted into the...jelly corps?

Корпусът на желето!

Martin Plsko said...

Uuuhhh, this jellybots series kix ass! Clever idea, excellent design, cute characters (Lizzie). Please, keep on exploring this topic, its worth lookin´ at (i really like the embaressed lizzie laugh sketches).


Martin Plsko