Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I am very pleased to announce that the truly neato folks at Modofly have launched their newest line of custom-etched moleskines, some of which feature the work of yours truly!

I have two steampunk 'skines up on Modofly for your very much purchasing pleasure :)

They're featuring my old standby, the Steampunk Airship Pilot and the above set of Steampunk mag illustrations, Steampunk Apocalypse!

They're also featuring a number of other very talented artists as well...some of the work is really stunning up on a mokeskine :) Go check them out! They've been working tirelessly for months prior to this launch and such nice guys that they definitely deserve your patronage. I'll be doing some more specified work for them in future launches, so keep your eye on their page!




grumbleart said...

nick that is spectacular, congratulations! i feel so out of the loop though, i know five of the artists but they never spoke a word haha, a nice surprise at least now :)
when i get ze money for one, you know i'll have to get your signature sir

Ben Bronstein said...

Hallo Nick!
Thought I would procrastinate from our writing tonight to check out your blog.
very cool, how exactly does one go about getting these custom moleskines in?

Erin said...

well that's just AMAZING!
Awesome, brother. I want one! Please! For my birthday! haha, no I will pay and I'll pay you for it too, because, well...it wouldn't be a Nick Kole design without a Nick Kole.

I missers yous!