Friday, May 9, 2008

Otherworldly Faculty

Well, these'll be the last of the watercolor creature series. I meant to do more, but I'm running out of steam at the end of the semester and I've gotta save my energy for the Alfonse & Domingo colors (soon!).
Anyways, I got a crit from my class saying I should explore the creatures more as characters in a guy suggested that I do a high school yearbook of critters. I initially thought "man, what a dumb idea...", but I walked away and it grew on me :p
So: here's my week's watercolor Top down: Gym, Math, and the Secretary :)




grumbleart said...

i will give you four guesses as to which one i like best! :)

fantastico sir, but i think ( in my opinion) the secretary is a bit super saturated? just personal preference mayhaps. you might enjoy this guys watercolor works:

also, PNG is not web friendly :(

:) good luck with the interviews nick!

Emerson said...

I really really like the math teacher man. Great job on their personalities :)

Sindy said...

I think your secretary looks like a discipline mistress... (at least the one in my previous school has that expression plastered on her face most o the time)

Hey, if you're really pooped... you can always mail me the art trade ;"D I'll be working on your naked man next week (after the submission deadline)