Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Puppet Animation :)

Hey all!
I'm back in Austria for the summer now, doing a variety of freelance projects. I just wanted to wrap up the last of my finals work and let any interested parties see what I've been doing. It's not much, and it's much less refined then I'd like, but here's my final for Puppet Animation this semester.
It's actually an adaptation of a short comic story I did last can view the original comic here.
Some changes have been made...notably the addition of the little crab and the new cameo of the world's happiest rock! :)
Anyways, I hope y'all like it. I had fun doing it...essentially it's just playing with toys when all's said and done. Any self-respecting legomaniac can find a reason to love puppet animation!
Well...Without further ado, Stranded:




Claire said...

Ha! Nicely done, and I, of course, appreciate you choice of music. :)


captain brushpen said...

10,000 times awesome-- really nice work on the lights, and I love the crab! Harder to really feel the problem of the looming natives in this version, though, since they're all....tiny specs of light, and the like. That rock is the best.


Should you not have already seen this, a friend just linked me--