Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sommer in Wien

Hey all!
I'm back home in Vienna, for those wondering where I've got off to. I just got back from a day-trip to Prague where I snapped some reference shots of all the rooflines there :) My little sister's just graduated (with flying colors and much BBQ) and I'm lounging about looking for things to keep me busy. Now that school's over I'm going to be fighting hard against my propensity to sink into the couch cushions and never return...I'm trying to keep occupied with little projects and freelance work. The first of which is a little doodle I promised my very talented classmate Sindy. She wanted an Alfonse and Domingo sketch all her own and so:

Edit: Color!

Sindy's work is awesome and hilarious, it can be viewed here so go check it out!
Beyond that all's quiet over here...Hopefully there will be work to post, I can already feel the need to make some art creeping back in :)
I hope everyone's relaxing and enjoying the sunshine!

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steve said...

Ridiculously good. Just fantastic.