Friday, January 23, 2009

Winter After Christmas and the Silent Stones

"Why, Nick" you might say, "You have a habit of drawing small men against large monolithic structures...kind of a lot...stop it."
Well, I won't. And I've done it again.
I originally wasn't going to post this piece, because it was really quickly put together, but it got a pretty positive reception in class, so I decided I'd put put it up for the Internet to see as well. Just in case it's worth it...and at any rate it's all I can put up right now. (I'm working on some other stuff, but I can't post it).
This was this week's in-class assignment; the prompt was "Invasion".
So, like the senior I am, I went off down whatever tangent I found compelling until I came up with a piece that is more or less completely nothing to do with Invasion. Ah, well.
I was thinking about some of the movies we've been watching in class (it's a class called Monster about...well...monsters) and about how much I really, genuinely, vehemently and in lots of ways dislike the Horror genre. Among them, I really hate this tendency to leave the audience with the bleakest of all possible endings. But at the same time, it's really fascinating to me...the obsession we seem to have with hopelessness. Anyways, I was sure I wasn't going to talk much about this, so I'll stop, but I did want to do something about bleakness since it's something that's so prevalent in the subject matter I'm studying. Horror films, man...not my bag. (And neither is winter after the combination is pretty nasty) Even so, God is still good.
Hope y'all enjoy it...It was kind of funny showing the linework around...people seemed to really respond to it, but they were describing a much more colorful and thrilling scene...Not sure if that's just because it's expected of me, or if I'm just not very good at composing a 'bleak' image. :p
Anyways, here's that:

Next week is "Transformation". Fun!

And this piece was done (inked and colored) almost entirely to this song:

(best video, half the song:)

(whole song, lame video:)

I LOVE Jonathan Coulton, and I know NOTHING about higher math or fractals. Except what's in this song. Which I recommend you try.




rohwer_25 said...

I'm not sure that you need anymore explanation than the one given. I think that it works, and I also am not a fan of the horror genre.
Keep up the good work, and post EVERYTHING, not just the stuff that you think is great. That's the beauty of a blog. Save the finished stuff for your portfolio site.

Chris Tolles said...

perhaps your habit of tiny men against monolithic structures is autobiographical?

/Anders said...

How odd, you have someone from bountiful, Utah commenting on your blog.

Nice piece.

Fabiola Garza said...

I just stepped on your monolith territory... I had to stay far, far away from your drawings...

Anonymous said...

Bleak...cold....a bit Lord of the Rings-ish. I happen to love tiny people against huge backgrounds. Think there was alot of that going around in the 80s for the likes of Time and Newsweek Magazine covers.

Charlotte Welcher said...

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