Thursday, January 29, 2009

Apples Alive!

Hello again!
Another week, another manic overnight piece for 'Monster' class, as promised! As I mentioned last post, this week's theme was "Transformation".

(Nobody in class seems to have noticed yet, but none of my pieces for 'Monster' actually feature any "monsters" even though I am generally the sort that is inclined to use any excuse to design a nasty critter!)

This week, I was thinking about Harvest Moon:
I. love. that. game.
It's such a silly concept, and I get endless amounts of crap from people about it, but there is something utterly charming about a video-game with so little pretense. Your farm. You fish. You woo. There's no "bad-guy" and no epic, windswept adventure to be whisked away on (as much as I love those, too). It's like "Shire: the Video-Game". Without the scouring part.

Anyways, I'd love to be involved with a project in my life that is as sweet and unassuming as Harvest Moon...I really love the whole genre of simpler, cuter video-games like that...I think the world could use more.
So...thinking about that, among other things (how much I love road-side fruit-stands) I decided that smiling apples that came to life and smoked tiny pipes would be a neat idea. I had more involved plans for the illustration, but it came down to what I could do in a day and a night with other social obligations thrown in. I wound up starting color on this last night at 1:30 :(

Anyways, It's done and now I'm looking to get some "sleep".

But, before that: news!
I just got word, and it's confirmed. I'm one of 5 RISD students who are going to be spending some of the next semester (10 hours a week) in and out of MIT for the GAMBIT Games Lab as paid Interns! (plus credit!) I'm REALLY excited. If you're interested in hearing what the whole thing's about, then click here.

Among the other Interns are my very good friends, Brandon and Fabiola (who you should totally check out!)

It's going to be a really neat semester. I'll be sure to share anything I'm allowed! (no idea if I will be able to, though)

Other than that, not much else to report on this end. I am in a strange place of feeling really thankful and blessed and being ready to fall over and sleep for a week. Which I may go ahead and do...




Emma said...

Congratulations on the internship!

Fabiola Garza said...

Yay, piece! I like the farmer lots, and the color lots...I like this piece!

Anonymous said...

I am truly amazed at what's coming out of you during a Monster class! I love this piece and the others. Finding your thoughts very interesting. It's a happy mommy moment ;-)

Opportune said...

I just discovered your dA gallery via Crownjewel's beautiful one, and I must say I'm under a spell since I watched both :)

These "monster" pieces especially are really neat!

baby sister said...

Great job Nick scoring your first paid internship!

Way to go!