Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Think I Just Peed a Little.

For context, read text:


I just had to geek out about this. I am especially cowed to see whose presence I am in :D 
 This will be my debut comic gig. I'll be posting more closer to the release, but watch this spot, and the actual DH page for my little two-pager coming soon! 

No other major art updates at this time. Just that my senior show will be on this coming Thursday (may 14th!) and that immediately afterwards I'll be interviewing with 38 studios on the 15th! (Good friend, Fabiola, is interviewing today...good luck, Fabi!)


Baby's second Zbrush! Well, really this is the first actually serious piece. The first was just whatever doodle came out of playing with the move and snakehook tools. I pulled this old character design and used it to base a model off of! It was fun...I'm really enjoying Zbrush. Dunno if I'm much good at it, but hopefully the 3d experience, however basic, will pay off somehow. Still, it's really making a little toy. I feel the same way when I'm making's just these little digital assets that feel like collectables. Anyways, i think it was a good self-imposed exercise. Thanks Lucas for the how-to's! 

More work soon!

Happy Day!



Electrosveis said...

Congrats so much, love = ) Well deserved! : ]

Sir Timmy said...

mignola?! guy davis?!
sheesh nikky, you hit big time. look forward so much to seeing your contribution! well deserved indeed!

Anonymous said...

daamn, nick! congratulations a billion times. ♥

Bryon Walton said...

That's so cool Nick!

Aaron said...

Nice work!