Saturday, May 9, 2009


The last illustration senior show of 2009, featuring the work of Nicholas Kole, Lia Marcoux, Fabiola Garza, Alex Lee, Lisa Cunha, Brandon Cebenka, and Kirsten England will open on:

Thursday, May 14th!
at 6:00pm
in the Illustration Studies Building

It's going to be awesome! Those whom this announcement will actually effect probably already know, but I'm launching an all-out web-campaign so I had to hit this up too :)
For the rest of y'all: Posters! (we're waiting on two last ones. B & Lisa...if you read this: send me the finished posters and I'll post em!)


Anonymous said...

These are great. And I really like Fabiola's for some reason.
Been following your work for just a little while and I wish I could come to see the culmination. But good luck with interviews and have a great show.

sheisept said...

Aaah these are delightful. Definitely the most original of all the senior show posters I've seen :] Brandon is exploring the arctic in flipflops. Wryyy.

I'll definitely be there, so see you Thursday :D

PS. Thanks for bloodying me up on Z-Day, you did a great job!

baby sister said...

Good luck on your show Nick. Sorry we can't be there, however it seems that you'll have plenty of family around.