Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Ever Published Comic Work!

Piper's Pet is live today over at Myspace, Dark Horse Presents!
I'm VERY excited to have this finally hit the web.
Above is just a preview image, and the story is only two pages, but it was a blast and a great way to end the year! (repeat: this is just a preview posted here, THE WHOLE 2 PAGE COMIC IS PUBLISHED HERE) :D

Dark Horse have been really great to work with. The gig was super-simple: they told me I could to a 2 pager or an 8 pager and that I was free to pitch whatever story I wanted to tell.
I met them up at NYComicCon this year (my first comic-con EVER!) and I went straight to the Dark Horse table to get in line with my portfolio. Apparently they liked what they saw and were very quick to offer me the opportunity!

So, please go and check it out. There's no real commenting space there, so feel free to use this post to tell me what you think! If you like it, write Dark Horse and tell them to hire me more :)

If you really like it, and want to support me and the awesome artists at Dark Horse, then wait for the anthology TPB of all the MDHP work to get released, and snag a copy! I'll make an announcement around these parts when that happens.

I feel really glad about this piece. I think it's one of the only ones recently where I've sort of "meant it"...and I'm happy to have ended my RISD career on a high note and with some published work.

I could blab on (you know I can), but I won't. I hope you guys like it...let me know!



Cory said...

Grats my friend! :)

Sir Timmy said...

ridiculously amazing. although it's still guy davis on the site for me...i can't wait to see it posted! hearty heart congratulations

Mike Lawrence said...

Just saw your comic on DHP. Nice work! I really like your use of color. My story goes up next month, it does give a little thrill to see ones name associated with Dark Horse.

Anonymous said...

This is spectacular and fun. Piper is awesome. And the bandaids were a really great touch. :)

Peter said...

Plip! Wunderbar, mein Freund. Wunderbar. Mmmm. Blueberry pie...