Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fan Art All Over Again

I haven't done a piece of fanart!
This was a blast. I'd been sketching Luca off and on for a little while, and it was only a matter of time. I've been getting a little itchy to make some art on my own, so I figured I'd ease in and do something a character portrait! :D

For those not in the know. This is Luca, a fan-favorite character and antagonist of Der-Shing Helmer's webcomic The Meek
It's a great read, and an awesome testament to what one artist, with a lot of determination can do on their own nowadays. In my estimation, it's about the best webcomic around for quality of art and writing. Loads of fun, I highly recommend it. She's just started Chapter two, which is going to be SUPER AWESOME, so yeah...just read it, please!

Otherwise, for me this is the calm before the storm. I start work on Monday (at 38Studios as a Junior Character Artist)! I'm SO excited, but could certainly use your prayers and well-wishes! I'm finally going to have a real job!



Anonymous said...

Prayers are with you today. If any artist deserves a job where he can live out his art, it's you. Keep us all up to date, despite your super busy secret happenings at work. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Congratulations! That will mean not only you having what you deserve, which is living off your passion and talent, but also that we'll be seeing more and more of your work around and even more people is going to enjoy that... and possibly getting as much fun, happines and awe as I from your colours.
We'll be waiting. Good luck and be happy =)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I hope you really love your job! Also, since you just got the DS (very pretty color I might add), I got one word for you: Scribblenauts.

Vera :)

P.S. The Meek is awesome, I love it when people make such high quality webcomics.

one said...

You're missed on the internets =(