Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Published! (In The Future!)

Hi everyone! I'm alive!
As promised, due to having a job I have recently been kind of absent on the Internets. I doubt that's such a big deal to most people, but if you actually missed me, then: thank you :D
I missed you too.
I have, of course, been resisting the temptation to blog without art content to accompany my silly ramblings. But no longer! Today there is content!

To those interested: the job has been amazing, and I'm really enjoying myself. I basically get to draw monsters all day and design armor and swords and stuff, so there's precious little to complain about.
The verdict: life in the "real" world = not so bad.
The pace of non-school life has been very agreeable, though I am generally either busy or asleep at the moment (still getting used to the waking up "in the morning" thing). But despite a new and confusing schedule, I decided to take on some freelance work on the side.

SO: I got contacted by some people at Disney Publishing to do a cover for them! YEAH!
(I got a letter in the mail this week with The Mouse on it. I peed a little.)
It was a very quick job due to deadlines, but this is what I did: It's a cover for an upcoming children's book (They're bringing back the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure format!) based on the soon-to-be-released Prince of Persia movie (the one with Jake Gyllenhaal). it's called Guardian's Path. They liked my Moby Dick piece and wanted me to do a riff on that with Henna and her hand and the dagger. So this is what came of that! I hope you enjoy. They were very generous in giving me permission to post this in advance of it's publication (like actually this time, instead of before when I posted it and didn't really have full approval).

(Also: it's being published on April 13th. But is Available for pre-order HERE :D)

I'm mostly just excited because this will really be my first officially published work!

Other news? I'm confirmed to be going to San Diego Comic Con this year for the first time ever! Let me know if you're going to be there. More news on that as the date approaches.

I have a few more freelance projects I'm working on, so those should pop up over the next few weeks...slow, though. I'm sorry.

And also, that's the first time I've ever chibi-ized myself for a blog post. Guilty pleasure? Perhaps.

Beyond all that, keep warm and thanks for reading!




Mildred L. said...

Your stuff never ceases to amaze me. Congrats on the deal with Disney!

Eduardo Vieira said...

I'm ENVY!!! Congratulations for the work with Disney, man!!!

Ericka said...

I smiled when I read the great news. Congrats!
Hope to see more wok from you soon.

sheisept said...

Hi Nick! This is incredible! I saw the cover before it got pulled, hehe. Anyway, I've been a fan of the Prince of Persia games for forever. I anticipate the film with a mixture of bemusement and excitement. I've heard it will have a PotC-esque treatment... truly curious. The cover is gorgeous!

Mary Jane and I have been discussing you lately! I'm doing a flash game for my What's Your Story final. She keeps bringing up the one you did for the same final... I realized I'd never seen it. I've played all your Gambit stuff, obviously, but I was wondering if you ever put that particular game up online? She speaks very highly of it! And I love flash games.

Anyway, take care.

Kelsi said...

Congratulations, Nick!

Emily said...

Congrats, friend! A well deserved and hard-earned success.

Love the chibi Nick, by the way. :]

Adri said...

Congrats, Nick! What an amazing opportunity! :D

Ashley MacLure said...

Congratulations dearest Nicholas! I'm very happy for you :D