Saturday, November 27, 2010

More Jellybots and a Doodleface

More Jellybots! It's smiling at you :)
I thought I'd spend a little more time to give this idea it's due. Again, not a huge amount of work here, but I want to keep it simple. I'm starting to figure out the tone I want to strike, visually at least. I should be working on other things...but I figure this is helping to keep me fresh.

Again, just toying around with some new techniques and brushes. Really just doodling into the wee hours. But since it resulted in an actually colored piece (love love Cintiq!), I thought I'd post it it :D

Really nothing more than a doodled collection of things I like to, noses, little eyes and floppy collars :p

Otherwise, not much to report. Thanksgiving-break spent holed up in my room at my parents' house. Coming down occasionally to let my family know I love them and that my workaholism is not their fault, and then disappearing back into the upstairs to draw.

And then there's the food. Egads! I've written this weekend off as a loss diet-wise. I think I have a stuffing-problem. I am addicted.

Anyways: Happy Thanksgiving, all!
I hope you are well and have plenty to be thankful for!
I am thankful for my wonderful family, their patience, my Cintiq mistress, and the project that will keep me from sleeping for the next few months. Also, my car. Which drives me to and from my Cintiq. :)

Bis sp├Ąter,



James A. Castillo Murphy said...

Love this man. Nice look at the jellybots! Love the colors :)

Emerson said...

A Happy Thanksgiving to you, Nick. And really nice stuff going on. :D Can't wait to see more from the Jellybots story!

Anonymous said...

I love the ram-man. Pretty fabulous!
And I can't wait to see where jellybots goes. Super fun.

baby sister said...

You ran the turkey trot Nick, deserve stuffing!!!