Tuesday, February 22, 2011


GUYS. It's done.

For the last several months it has been my worst-kept secret that I have been working on an 18-page submission for Volume 8 of the Flight anthology. (Which happens, tragically, to be the series' last volume)
It's basically both a dream-come-true opportunity, and the longest comic I've ever written. It has also been the most fun I've had working on anything in a long time.

I hope you guys don't mind if I take the opportunity to wax a little sentimental:

The Flight anthology has been such an important thing to me, over the last several years.
If you've talked to me, you know I love comics and (despite pitifully little work to show for it) I love making them. Graduating from RISD was an intense experience, and by the end I had to make a hard decision: what was I going to pursue?
Long story short- I made a list of things I wanted to do...things I really felt like I wanted to do. It was short list, and at the top of it was "Be part of Flight". Even above working for Pixar.
I really don't think there's much else like Flight out there.
As I pondered whether I wanted to enter the American comics' industry, I learned how hard the work is, how small the pay, and how little creative input or control someone like me would have most of the time. Past all of the myriad of superhero books I've slowly stopped reading, one by one, I realized my love was for webcomics and for Flight. I feel that Flight is the tangible representation of that new spirit of webcomickery that's growing (which includes works like The Meek, Rice Boy, and Bird Boy among countless others): why not use the medium of comics to tell honest, true stories that come right from the heart of the artist? Comics that aren't out to just make a buck or fill a monthly billing. So Flight, to me, has been this beautiful haven of freedom. So many great artists have told great stories through it's pages and it's a heartbreaking shame that it can't last forever. But I am so grateful to have been allowed to be a part of it.
It's been a labor of love, completely.
Now, I guess I need a new dream :P

Above is a tiny preview panel of the finished piece, and below is some of the concept art I did for myself before I started out.

As the release approaches, I may post more of the in-process work...just because I think it might be neat to see?
Nonetheless, to see more of the good stuff you'll just have to buy yourself a copy of Flight vol. 8 :P And let me assure you, having seen some of the work that's been done for it: it will be WELL worth your money. It's going to be an incredible send-off for the Flight series. I am SO incredibly excited to have my work printed alongside some of my heroes'.

And if the Lord wills it, plans are for me to be in San Diego come July for Comic Con, where I'll be sitting at the Flight table for signing! I would love to meet any and all of you, so if you're going to be there, stop by!


flomino! said...

Wow, I'm so happy for you! You of all artists deserve to contribute to Flight imho! I love the concept drawing below so much--you have such an impeccable sense of design! I look forward to watching you pursue your next bold dream!

Zachary said...

Sounds awesome! So glad you were able to hit one of your big artistic "goals" so early. I'll definitely have to check out this edition of Flight.

Hopefully I'll run into you at SDCC this year! All the best,


coNs Oroza said...

Very glad for you, Nick! The work looks awesome.

Niko Geyer said...

Those samples illustrations look great -- rock on!

Since you mentioned your love for webcomics along with your love for Flight, can expect you to start a webcomic of your own? That would be an absolute riot!

baby sister said...

That's really cool Nick. Would like to get a signature from you any day :D

Evan Dahm said...

Thanks for the link to Rice Boy! Just found your work and I love it!!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Congratulations! I didnt know Flight was ending, I love the series and I'm looking forward to seeing your fantastic work be a part of it.

Nicholas Kole said...

Thanks, guys!
I don't know if anyone will ever re-check this: but...

Niko: I didn't know you hung around here! I love your work. To your question: I am really seriously considering my own webcomic...I need an idea first, so it'd be a ways off. But I'd love to. And doing this Flight comics has proven to me that I can do the work.

Evan: DUDE. Rice Boy. SO awesome. I doubt you'll remember me, but I bought a copy off you at last year's SDCC. I'm curious...how'd you find me? :)

Bobby: Thanks SO much! Your work is awesome! I'm totally intimidated.

Ming said...

Looking awesome! That environment sketch' colours are beautiful, and I like the designs of the characters. These little previews already have brilliant atmosphere, can't wait to read the whole thing!

Tigermoph said...

The only word I can think of here is appropriate. Your art, and the Flight series-- a highly complementary match. Heck, I'm surprised I never thought of it before! Congratulations sir.


PS. Also I would totally read a webcomic made by you.

Elviella said...

"Flight, dude." indeed!

Congratulations, this is AMAZING news! I totally understand the whole "OH GOD IT'S FLIGHT!" because... it's Flight. It must be really fantastic to be participating in this wonder and you totally deserve it!

(It's such a pity it's ending, though...)

PS. Count me in the people who would totally read a webcomic made by you.

zhaomeng said...

congratulations Nic! you totally deserve it, and to be part of the Flight artists! and just in time for the last flight too, amazing man, really happy for you.

Stuart L said...

Dude, nice new format. Looks great! I admit when I left college, to be a part of Flight was a dream I never expected to achieve...and to think it's actually happened! Well, I guess I can just say that I know the feeling :). Hope to meet you in San diego this year!