Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jellybots, The Candyman

Hi guys!

I've been feeling a little aimless since I wrapped up work on my Flight comic. Things have been crazy-busy, but that's not the same as having a project to work on. So I've been thinking about a few different stories and ideas I've had bouncing around my brain, and I thought I'd do a little development on whatever strikes my fancy.
Today, it's Jellybots. This is the first work I've done for myself in a few weeks.

So this is (working alias) The Candyman. He works with the kids, and (in the current version of the story I've been fantasizing about) he's the only grown-up who can interface with the Jelly. He's kind of a eccentric/kooky mentor ala Miss Frizzle :)
This is still a tentative first pass...I just wanted to get my ideas down. I'm not sure about his face and whatnot. He'll probably get adjusted and revised.

The dial on the visible side of his headgear controls what color his 'hair' is, and there's another dial on the other side that controls the style.

Oh, and his cravat is a robot that detaches to assist him.

There's no real outline for the story, but I have a lot of ideas for character designs, so that will suffice for now...I'm having fun :)

And below are a few really quick color studies I threw down last night...just to get myself in the mindset again. I'm not really fond of any of them...maybe the first. But I have little I can actually post these days, so I figured: why not?


-fabi- said...

Jellybots makes me soo0 happy!! The Candy Man is great. I especially like the rainbow dots on his holographic contraption thingy. A+

Emily said...

Nick Nick Nick this is wonderfulllll!! I love the little fish hangin' around in his hair. :]

Emerson said...

genius. pure genius. Jelly hair and moustache. robot cravat. Nothing gets better than this.

Emma said...

Awesome! I've been loving this whole concept; I hope you do something with it.

Also: the fishbowl hair is pretty awesome.