Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vince Napolo

Sometimes you need to let your angst out.
It would have been really hard to express this feeling in Jellybots. It needed a new fiction.
The thing about personal work is not having structure or deadlines. So my mind's been wandering a little bit left of the Jellyverse and I decided to doodle this. It's a really quick character study for a story that's been refusing to go away.

The name "Wanderhome." is a working title. In truth I'm not sure what this project really wants to be yet. Hell: he may not even be a dog in the end.
But for whatever reason, despite trying, I can't get away from this character. Vince Napolo is the chain-smoking proprietor of a ramshackle vegetable stand by the river. He may or may not be a dog. May or may not be a wizard. Time will tell.

Summer is coming. You can smell it.
Yesterday, you couldn't distinguish the sky from the sea. It was incredible.


baby sister said...

better than the actual photo.

Dan said...

So you have different worlds you illustrate depending on what mood you're in? That is an excellent and fascinating idea.