Monday, June 27, 2011

How It Grows.


Tomorrow Flight Volume 8 hits shelves.

Today I'm posting this: the black-and-white of page 1. I'm not sure whether to call it 'inks' or 'pencils' since it's neither. I worked with a totally different method than I usually do and the upshot is: The Hollow Men will be the first ever totally-digital comic work I've done.

I also tried to teach myself about value and composition by working out the hierarchy in black and white before I colored (which usually isn't the case...generally I do clean lineart and then try to figure out value and color together). I had a great time working in this method...I've always loved stark compositions, and it's so much easier to figure out layout when you're thinking about light and dark at the same time as lineart.

Hopefully it's interesting to see how something develops conceptually from start to finish. If there's interest, I can explain more of my thought process...but I think it's fun to see how different the layout of the final page turned out than the previous thumbnail stage, even though all the ideas are essentially still there. I'm trying to hone down what I want to say and how I want to say it.

Anyways, I have been getting really wordy I'll stop myself this time and just hope you guys enjoy the preview!




Felonios Monk said...

I love hearing about how something like this grows for start to finish. As amazing as a final product may be, I always find the journey to be the truly incredible part. If you're willing to go into more detail about it, I'd love to hear your process.

I understand completely what you mean about the thumbnails being the "true" story. They're the barebones, with all the meaning and none of the distractions, conveyed in the most bare sense. I think they show a lot more of the artist, in a way, than the finished, polished product does. It's also why I love seeing sketches so much. They're like the direct link to the artist's thoughts and personality without all the distracting hoo-hah :)

Having said that, I'm totally psyched to see your work in print. I've been following you for a while and you've been a huge inspiration for me so I'm probably as excited for tomorrow as you are. I'm new to the Flight series, I wasn't aware of it before you announced you were going to be part of it, but I'll be starting with the 8th volume first before I start out from the beginning just so I can pick up and see your work.

Keep it up, I love seeing more from you.

Emily said...

Super excited to read it! :D :D :D

The Lady Nerd said...

Congrats on your complete crossover to the digital side! :P Tonal composition before line art....I'm going to have to remember that one.

I find the most fascinating part of any given project is the journey, rather than the product. To me, the behind-the-scenes (or in this case, the thumbnails and sketches) is where the real creativity lies. We've all seen pretty pictures, and while I most certainly enjoy seeing yours, the thought process behind it is much more interesting.

In schools and instruction, we're taught how to draw things (ideally), but not how to think conceptually. That's something you can't teach, but something that every artist has to discover on their own. So go ahead! Continue to be wordy! We'll read it! :)

Ryan Ingram said...

Hey Mr. Kole,

I have watched your work both on Deviantart and here for awhile and one thing that strikes me again and again is your brilliance with composition and color. I would love to read a post or even a tutorial by you as you discuss these topics. Composition is one of those really illusive skills that is not easy to grasp but together with color you have produced some masterful pieces. I will continue watching in the hope of getting a glimpse into your thought process and understanding.
As always, beautiful work!