Friday, June 10, 2011

Jellybots: Duncan

Everyone knows that the best possible way to procrastinate and run from your feelings is to bury yourself in work! right? right...
I do tend to make more work when I'm feeling introspective. I was up late last night putting the finishing touches on this guy. I think he's my favorite. Not sure, though.

This is one 'bot that's been waiting to happen since I had the idea.
Guys, meet Duncan. (based again on another friend. Of the same name) He's the older-kid and a bit of a mystery. I think he might serve as sort-0f an instructor to the younger kids. He's, like, the Jelly RA. :p

Generally, teens as old as Duncan can no longer interface with the Jelly. But as one of the Candyman's first pupils, he's been able to grow and change with his suit. He's aloof and a little sarcastic. He designed the sphere floating alongside him in the suit himself; is that it's kind of his 'tell'. He's able to punctuate his expressions with an emoticon of his choosing. I'm hoping to get some fun juxtapositions out of the idea.
I just love the idea of him frowning sarcastically and the sphere being all ":p" I'll have to draw it and show you guys.

I had a completely different color scheme in mind, initially. It was going to be amber-colored and purple...or maybe even brown and green. But as I was drawing him and honing in on his character, I realized I wanted to make a darker, twilight-colored bot. What resulted (and if you've ever lived in/been to Providence you'll know what I'm talking about) is kind of the Jellybot personification of Waterfire. Go figure, right?

Hope you like it. I am literally counting down days until Flight is released and then until San Diego Comic Con. SO EXCITED. How to pass the time until thennnnn!? More Jellybots!

Much love,



K. Oak said...

Yeeeeeess! I love this one! I love all of them but I think this one is my favorite!

Kay said...

Awesome. I love his ponytail dreadlocks.
Is the little round robot actually floating in his jelly?

Crayola said...

please be my husband! <3__<3