Saturday, April 19, 2008

Alfonse & Domingo!

More legible (larger) size viewable here!

This was my comic final last semester :) A little four-page comic titled Alfonse & Domingo: Going Home. Alfonse is the beardsley man in the hat and Domingo is the flying manta-ray.

I've been developing the story and the world and have started in on a much larger and altered version of the story. Alot has changed and I'm really excited about putting it together and getting it out there. I'll be coloring and polishing the first five pages of it over the next few weeks, but for your viewing pleasure here are some sketches:

(Here you go finally, mom!)
The biggest change is Alfonse himself. I decided I wasn't very interested in telling a story about a burly 20-something :p
So: an awkward kid with a big nose and a pony-tail who smiles alot...

Here are some more sketches while prepping for the story. Some freight-hauling creatures that appear in the first 10 pages on Alfonse's way to market, and a little portrait of Alfonse's rival Raoul.

Hope you enjoy them! there's more where that came from!


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Rob Rey said...

Beautiful Comic! Tim just told me about your blog, Excellent work! I'll be watching...