Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Blog is Begun!

Well, hello everyone!
I'm Nicholas Kole. At the time of my writing this, I am a 20 year old student at the Rhode Island School of Design and this is my art blog!
I'll be posting sketches and such here on a semi-regular basis, so check back here often for new updates! A backlog and collection of finished work can be seen at my deviantART gallery:

Nicholas Kole's deviantART Gallery

To start, some pieces from last semester done for a comics class. A three page ministory called Windlord, and a set of color keys for a hypothetical animated film based on the biblical story of David.

Windlord is all my own creation...the characters therein are Nathaniel Phayden (roaming exiled wind-mage) and Giovanni DiGrecio (robust and rotund airship merchant).

These are color studies for six scenes from the story of David (not in chronological order)
From top to bottom, left to right, they are:

David vs. Goliath
The Ark Return to Jerusalem
The Death of Saul
David & Bathsheba
David is Annointed King
Saul Consults the Oracle

Have fun and enjoy!



Deni said...

Hi Nick: Love your blog. You are indeed a talented fellow. I say this full knowing I am prejudiced in my analysis. Love, A.D. ps can't wait to see new films, etc coming from your direction

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick-
Just got back from Rust on Neusiedlersee. Seems like Alphonse and Domingo are meant to be there, where the storks nest on chimneys of quaint, delightful, Disney-esque Austrian homes overlooking a marsh-surrounded, shallow lake. I'll take you there (for sure) when you come here. A.D., too. It's a must-experience kind of place.

Your art brings tears to my eyes.
I love your recent sceneries. How can your memory store all these scenes we often just whizzed by on family trips? Amazing.

Well done, Nick.
And I LOVE Alphonse's BIG nose!
(DeYonker-honker style! Yes!)

And "Happy Rock" cool.
Where'd you get THAT idea?

Watching you grow and develop is one of the greatest joys in life.
Keep up the imaginative images!
The love! The fun!

Hogs and Quiches - mom