Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nick Kole Learns to Watercolor

Well, this semester I've been teaching myself how to watercolor.
These are the first three of a series of twelve watercolor creature/character designs I'm working on for class. Generally speaking I'm developing some of these in the Alfonse & some of these may be reappearing.

Below are some watercolor studies from a few weeks back. The landscapes are 1-hour each and the portrait is an in-class model portrait.




Emerson said...

Amazing stuff dude. I love the watercolour creatures. Found your blog through your dA journal :D Don't mind me adding you to my blog links yah, wanna keep an eye on your stuff.

Nicholas Kole said...

Hey, thanks!
I just stopped by your blog and I was really impressed! Awesome digital illustration!
And a brother in Christ as well, that's totally encouraging! I'm glad to meet you...we are well met on this world wide web, sir!
Hope you don't mind me adding you to my links as well?

Emerson said...

Haha, thanks alot, man :) It's cool to see another Christian artist, definitely very encouraging. And yeah, with blogger it seems kinda hard to respond to comments seeing you don't get notified. Thanks for adding me to your links as well. Seeing your watercolour works really makes me itch to experiment with it as well. Hope to see more great stuff from ya. God bless :)

robyn ng said...

nicky nicky nicky!!

Kate said...

Stick Andrew and I in that link list somewhere?

ely said...

well, I guess learning goes really fast, doesn't it? It looks to me like you're more of an water-color artist than apprentice :P I like the paintings very much :D
btw, I found your blog through your dA page :)