Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monk Over Matter and NYCC!

Hey all!
Back for one last "Monster" class illustration.
This week's theme was "Metamorphosis". Yes, last week's was "Transformation" and I'm just as confused as you are. Still, I decided that Metamorphosis would represent a more inwardly-driven change, while transformation could be the result of outward force or somesuch.
Anyways, I was going nuts, because I've been giving a lot of attention to my Music Video final (which should be OFF THE HOOK, by the way, and up posted up here within the week!) and I had very little time to get a piece together for "Monster". I went through a few pages of ideas I wasn't thrilled about until it was getting too late for ambition and I just had to make something or face the shame of a workless class.
The result is above, and it's the result of some personal reflection on madness and sanity. I think the themes are pretty plain, so I won't bore everyone with more chatter. I hope someone out there finds it the least bit interesting :p

Other news: this weekend is absolute madness! I'm going up to Boston on Saturday for my orientation with the MIT GAMBIT Games Lab, and then from there myself and two of my compatriots are going to get our ticket-money's worth at the New York Comic-Con! Anyone else going to be there on Sunday? Hopefully it should be fun...I've never been to a Comic-Con before!

Otherwise, next semester will begin soon and I'll be making plenty more work as classes start :)
In the meantime, accept this meager offering. I may post some of the sketch-work I've been doing over the last few weeks soon, just to keep this space active. And, of course, the video :p

Lineart here:


Emma said...

That's a really interesting looking character, even holding the metamorphosis aside. I definitely like your explanation of the difference between the two similar subjects because it makes a lot of sense. It makes me even more curious about what he might be becoming and why. However, the picture stands even without a story.

Nice work!

ewalus said...

Your monster piece looks superb! :]

...and good luck at MIT and have great great great time at Comic-Con!

baby sister said...

I like the more simple video games too - in fact I just purchased a used SNES and Super Mario Bros. on craigslist. I loved that game when Justin was little - he had taken the game system with him (of course) when he went to live with his daddy.

I haven't been to a comic-con, but I have been to a gamers-con. A lot of, how would you say, INTERESTING people. Have fun - say HI to A. Deni if you happen upon her.

Francisco J. Hernández said...

Great illustrations !!!, Beautifull !!