Friday, February 27, 2009

Ben's Thumbs


A brief update today:
Just finished the first round of Jon Foster and it was less scary than anticipated. Our assignment this week was to propose 12 or more thumbnail ideas for a cover to Ben Franklin's biography, and then to choose one you liked and develop it further. This week we'll be taking one of them to finish.
So, above are my thumbnails! I started out caring very little for Ben Franklin and now I kind of like him, having done a little research. The one sketch I chose to elaborate on is from an anecdote my friend Beth told me out of his Autobiography whereupon Ben is appointed to some clerical governmental position. While the other men debate and carry on their business, Ben is so bored that he begins to doodle compulsively just to keep himself awake.

Still, Jon liked a lot of the thumbnails, including Kite-Head and, surprisingly enough, Propaganda-Turkey. He liked that one ALOT.

So, I'm torn between doing something sort of 'subtle' and 'tasteful' or biting the bullet and just going straight Turkey with this. What do you guys think?

Finish next week!


Emily said...

Go Turkey! Haha, that one is so funny to me. Everyone always goes all serious for Ben Franklin, but I can't imagine he was so completely solemn.

Input from someone you don't know or have any reason to trust. :)

Good luck, I can't wait to see the final - I always enjoy your color choices.

Em said...

The subtle one is really nice.. but my inner self is screaming TURKEYY!!

but anyway, it's so awesome you get to have class with jon foster!!! so cool!

Emily said...

Propaganda Turkey is superb! I've always envisioned Ben as someone noble and proper, but this is a nice twist! Definitely invoked a giggle.

And for some reason that particular thumb reminds me of something from Family might be the vague resemblance to Peter's chin, haha.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh i love the kite head one.

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lin said...


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