Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snowstorms, Tetris, and Smart-People-School

Hey all!

First and foremost: Watch the above! It's finally here, as Music Video final! I'm really psyched to have this thing hit the web finally. Hopefully someone out there will enjoy it. MAJOR credit to my cinematographer/cameraman/all around buddy Andrew Fogel and to DJ Vainglory for making this happen!
Mom, Grandma, Etc - Sorry for the brief "language". :(

It's been a little while since my last post, but I'm back and now the Spring (and my final) semester has begun at RISD! (I'M GRADUATING! MAY 30th!)

It's nuts.

Anyways. Spring couldn't be further from the truth tonight. It's actually snowing in Providence again, after a beautiful and smile-inducing few days of unabated sunshine, we're back in the dark wet cold.
Still, it's been a good week and I have been richly blessed...
if the only thing I have to complain about is the snow, then I'm doing alright.

This week marks the official beginning of my Internship with the MIT GAMBIT Games Lab. Which is AWESOME.
I'm really excited...myself and the other Interns are straight to work, but I think we're all glad to have real work to do. I do regret to say that I won't be allowed to post any of the work I do online. Which means I'll probably shut up about it, too.
So...yeah...shutting up. :)

Other news: classes have begun and I WILL be allowed to post some of that work. Which will include comic work as well as the products of a book cover illustration class with Jon Foster!

I just saw Coraline last night. And...I won't wax too poetical about it. I loved it. It was beautiful. I'm going again.
Yeah. Pay-for-it-twice-even-though-you're-in-college kinda beautiful.

Speaking of which: I haven't been this tempted to buy a console since I realized there was Gundam game on the Dreamcast.
Except then I did buy the console, and this time I'm just going to be bothering my friend Izak and using his.
One word: Flower.
Holy wow.
That game is amazing. I'll wax a little poetical on this one: It's what games could be. It's utterly gorgeous. For those unfamiliar: you play as the wind.
You blow on the flowers and they bloom.
They bloom into a musical crescendo.
It's like a dream about flying. I teared up. My friend Kirsten actually cried.

Good week.
God Bless and Enjoy the video!



irene k said...

My god, Flower is absolutely GORGEOUS. I played it on a friend's PS3, and... guh. This game... this game!

alex&ra said...

Man, I'm eternally jealous that you have a class with Foster. He's one of my favorite artists of all time. I wish like hell I'd been able to go to the illustration academy :(

Congrats on your final semester, that's so exciting!

Amanda Read said...

Argh! :oP
Why did you have to mention this game? Now I want a PS3. I watched a video of it and it reminds me of the dreams I used to have as a kid, where I could run and then tuck my legs up and kind of skim over the ground in a kneeling position with my arms outstretched. I hadn't thought of those dreams for years until today.

No, I guess I should thank you. You know the feeling of those dreams, so you can imagine I'm glad to remember them. :o)

Adam Hunter Peck said...

Duuuuuuuude! Sweet music video!

Hey, if you're up in MIT, come visit me, I'm in Cambridge and I work over at Kendall - we could at least do lunch!

Angie said...

That video was absolutely amazing in ways those words alone cannot describe.

And congrats on your final semester~!!