Thursday, April 23, 2009

Puckahontas: Painting With All the Colors of the Wrong Frickin Movie



I also have art!

This week for Jon (Foster...he's kind of a big deal) we got to do a cover for "A Midsummer Night's Dream". No sketch phase on this pretty much under the gun and in a week with whatever we could come up with (which is, in some ways, how I prefer it).
I am by turns pleased and displeased with this piece. I don't know how to fit it. For myself, I was happier with the lineart phase, and the colors went in a different (albeit, functional) direction on their own. I just don't necessarily equate this palette with Midsummer Night's Dream...I think (what with the Birch trees, too) I've managed to make MSND look very like Pocahontas.
Also, I've ripped off Magritte. I know, I know...but it's not like he's doing anything with it anymore.
(I had this idea vaguely sketched out, and then my friend Peter said "hey, like Magritte!" and showed me the then I went with it and made it SUPER like Magritte) :)
I think I should have done a color study beforehand...generally I should just be doing more color studies.
Oh, and this was a nother night-long piece (pencils, inks and color)...a little more time spent than last week's. Digital color in photoshop...the yooojgeual. Which sucks, because I really wanted to bust out the watercolors for this piece...too little time, too little courage.
Did I mention Spring is here?
Also: musics! I've recently received a massive dump of J-pop from some very generous and half-asian freshmen. The stand out track this week is from a crazy celtic/japanese combo artist named Kokia! (IGNORE DUMB VIDEO)
And my current jam (played at every opportunity) is mostly unspellable in english and comes from my bee-eff-eff Beth: XI SHUA SHUA!

Since I like the lineart this week, here's that:



sheisept said...

Nice nice nice! I agree it would've looked really luscious in watercolor, but I quite like the palette as it is.

I think I might be the same way as you, as far as clinging to the safety of digital coloring when doing assignments the night before. ;C I just like to put forth my best effort and a lot of that involves not potentially messing something up beyond repair >_o

The lineart is looovely. I know this is a predictable/obnoxious question, but what kind of nibs do you use? :]

pebble said...

really really good~!!

Char said...

If it makes you feel any better, I didn't even know who Magritte was until you linked the work in your blog- so I just thought you were being very original :)

I really like the colour pallet and it really fits with the just the text, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" on it's own, perhaps more than the story itself. Don't beat yourself up though, it turned out really nice!