Friday, April 10, 2009

Steam on the Horizon

And that's that!
Not much in the way of work to show at the moment, but plenty of news on the horizon!
I've braved the my senior Illustration Portfolio review and it went very well! It's been a crazy week, just prepping for it, but I've made it through the other side with a snazzy print-portfolio to keep showing around.
Marvel were a no-show at the event: ":("
But Microsoft and Blizard are coming soonishly! So there's still something to dress nicely for in the near future.
The big news today is that Piper's Pet is done and sent off to Dark Horse. I'm awaiting their feedback to that end, but I am very excited about it. The bad news for y'all is that you're unlikely to see any of it until summer is in swing. Still, I'm really glad to have done that. It was a great experience and a lot of fun to do. Here's to many more! :p
All throughout Piper's I've been on this weird Jpop kick again. I know this will not be interesting to all or any of y'all, but I always think it's fun to share music that's been stuck in my head with everyone. This happens every time I work on a big piece...I always wind up with one song in particular that I repeat back again and again.
Ayumi Hamasaki - Trauma
and, today: Gackt - Mizerable

(I went through so much troublle just now trying to find that Ayumi Hamasaki song online. I have the file, but it was unlabeled. So I had to guess the lyrics from some of the sounds and search them up and match the phonetic japanese lyrics with what I was hearing. :p I'm obsessed)
This sort of proves what my friend Robyn's been saying...there's a little asian girl trapped inside me somewhere. Weird.

Also, the next piece to look out for should be good fun. It's for Jon Foster again and we're doing the cover for a vague steampunk-ish novel (vague as in, we didn't get much/any plot info) called Boneshaker. All we really knew was that there's a lady, her son, and some zeppelins. Suits me right down to the ground! Here are some sketches for that...finish in a week :D


Cory said...

Very cute sketches dude-guy ;)

Anonymous said...

i LOVE "Trauma." Good choice. Hahah. If ever you're in need of Asian music recs, I have PLENTY.

Chelsea Stebar said...

Can't wait to see the finished piece. You rock.

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