Thursday, April 16, 2009

Steam Thursday

The sun is out today...and I am glad.
I have just pulled a pretty rough all-nighter on this piece. I'm pretty pleased with it for all that (it's a personal best for a single-night's work, I think). Still, I'd love to dig in more and respond to some of the critiques to get more light into the foreground onto the characters.
It's a cover for a Steampunk novel called Boneshaker...there was little information given (ie: none) about the plot, but we were told there was a female lead, her son, and some dirigibles. I took some liberties :)
I think the tone of the book was much more adult...grim-gritty realism and all that. But if I'm being given a little wiggle room...:p
I need to get some sleep and take a little break from working. It's been a mad week and it doesn't look like the semester's going to let up. I'm going to try getting some more sleep in the coming weeks...I always forget how gross the world seems when you haven't slept. Ick.
Anyways, next week there will be another cover: Midsummer Night's Dream! Should be good fun.
Other quick news: job hunting is looking good from this vantage point. Waiting to hear back on a lot of things. Hope you enjoy this little piece and thanks for reading!


Emily said...

If this was the cover of a comic book, I'd pick that up pronto! Nice work, especially for one night, sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow. I'd buy this if I saw it on a shelf somewhere, for sure. It's whimsical and eerie. Really awesome.
And really astounding for all coloring done in one night.
Get some sleep! haha
You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Even though the forground is dark, it begs you to look inside. Very nice work, Nick. hugs,mom

sheisept said...

Hi Nick. It's Sophia. I'm subscribed to your blog now, so I'll be up-to-date on all the amazing awesome stuff you do :3

I love this cover. It's mind-boggling that you did it in one night. Great colors, lovely little details, A+ composition, you are such a cool dude.

I can kind of understand the critique you mentioned about getting more light into the foreground, but personally the faint bluish glow you've got going on right now is effective and haunting. But if you do rework it, please post :]

Excited for Midsummer Night's Dream!

pebble said...


Cortney Skinner said...

Hard to tell about the subtleties in your art because of variations in computer monitors...But I'd like to see more light in the dark foreground...Nothing to upset the balance you have...just something to intrigue us to look deeper into the shadows rather than risk dismissing your foreground as only a silhouette.

Great work Nick!...Gorgeous, sensitive, beautifully laid out...Gimme the book on who's cover it rests!

Any info on how it was done?

Cort Skinner

lin said...


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