Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jellybots: Jen

Another one? It's true! From 3am in the morning I bring you: Jen!

I'm just continuing to jam on this topic and see what happens as it Ideas occur I'm trying to get them down on paper. I've also been really throwing down ideas and rearranging them in terms of where the plot is going. I don't want to rush it, but I do think this could have a lot of story potential. It's funny: but I'm experiencing how hard it is to just write a fun story that doesn't get soooo SERIOUS.

Anyways, this is for my friend Jen Hom, who wanted her very own Jellybot :) So it's not a portrait per-se, but I tried to get the gist of her in 'bot form. Of course I picked a color palette she probably wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole (teal was already taken, Jen, sowwy!) HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! :p Anyways, I'm having a ton of fun on these...I mean...I was up till 3am last night making sure this got done. Hope y'all are enjoying them too! We'll see where this goes. I've got a couple more character ideas in the queue before I have to figure out what next. Hopefully those will materialize soon!

Oh, and at this point of development, I'm open to any and all ideas and suggestions: so let me have em!




Anna said...

This is neat! :D I might have already mentioned that on DeviantArt (under a different name, of course, silly me), but I like the octopus-thing going on with her jellyfish bits.

It'd be cool to see something in a red-to-blue or red-to-purple colour scheme.

Rachael said...

I really like this idea you have going and enjoy seeing you add new characters to your jelly world! Does the jelly taste any good? Like jello, perhaps?

Kate said...


Dan said...

Ideas? She looks like the technical person of the cohort---a lockpicker or hacker or something. With all those tentacles, she can do fine manipulation. Maybe she's the mechanic? That's all! :)